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Facilities & Accommodation

Ostwald Bros self-delivers complete solutions to energy sector, government and commercial clients in facilities management and accommodation.

Ostwald Facilities and Accommodation (OFA) owns and operates a variety of fixed and temporary accommodation facilities including semi-permanent, mobile, lightning and motel accommodations. We manage all operational tasks associated with establishing new camps including design, construction and facilities management specialising in regional and remote locations.

With a team of regionally based staff, we maintain comfortable and supportive environments for workers living away from home.

Our experienced management teams handle inventory all logistical requirements including bussing and flights supported by the Ostwald Group’s fleet of light aircraft. Bookings are handled via a centralised accommodation booking system.

All operations are managed under an Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporating accredited safety, quality, environmental and food safety (HACCP) management systems.

OFA also provides a range of facilities management services providing cleaning, security, gardening, maintenance, catering, laundry and pest control, and can deliver long-term or short-term solutions to meet varying client needs.

For information on travel and accommodation, bookings or facilities management email our 24hour booking service or call 13 OFAM (136 326).

Facility Security Services (FSS)

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Keeping your personnel & assets safe

FSS provides a wide range of security solutions with a focus on delivering safe and secure environments for resources sector accommodation and industry related infrastructure. Contact 1300 732 868 or visit for more information.